[ Notice : How to connect to STELS(Training) system ]
Dear All

User have to access STELS through Training Module in GSPN / CS Portal.

Please login to below URL.

Internal Users :
csp1.sec.samsung.net (HQ)
csp2.sec.samsung.net (East Asia)
csp3.sec.samsung.net (America)
csp4.sec.samsung.net (Europe, Mid Asia)
csp5.sec.samsung.net (China)
csp6.sec.samsung.net (Rusia)

External Users :
gspn1.samsungcsportal.com (Europe)
gspn2.samsungcsportal.com (Asia)
gspn3.samsungcsportal.com (America)
gspn4.samsungcsportal.com (China)
gspn5.samsungcsportal.com (Rusia)

* User have to add " http://stels.samsungcsportal.com" to Trust Site
( How to add : Internet Tool íŠ Internet Option íŠ Trust Site íŠ
   Add " http://stels.samsungcsportal.com" íŠ Confirm )